Hyperlocal Lessons from Small Town Radio

Small town radios are often responsible for teaching interested individuals hyperlocal lessons. Whether you are running a hyperlocal radio station, or you are at the receiving end of the information that it is broadcasting, you can learn a lot either way. So enlisted below are a few lessons that can be learned from a small town radio.


1.     It’s tough to build an audience

In this day and age, the competition is fierce. It is very hard for radio shows to get listened to. People always have their preferences and they only occasionally switch to something that is different from their everyday patterns.

2.     Not a lot of people listen to radio

The number of people who listen to radio has narrowed down significantly over the last couple of years. Radio has been taken over by other communication channels. Especially since people get most of their news from social media, they don’t feel the need to listen to radio.

3.     Funding has become a challenge

Although not a lot of people running small town radios are after a lot of money, they’d still appreciate a some amount of money. This is a problem because getting funds by a person for his radio show has become quite hard. There aren’t enough companies which would like to sponsor shows that are not heard by a lot of people. So companies focus on investing in profitable shows which will increase their sales.

4.     Listeners move on

You can get people to listen to your shows for a small period of time but eventually they find other sources which provide them the same information as you do and then they move on. It’s hard to keep listeners around for long-term for a small radio show host. However if you want to engage the community then your efforts should be continuous.


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