Harnessing Adult Canine Stem Cells For Healing

You can effectively get healed by involving and using adult stem cells as therapeutic elements to cure several ailments. Stem cells are living units of live that can separate into active cells during the process of cell division. Another name for adult stem cells is the somatic stem cells that are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the tissues and systems in which they are found. You can see them both in children and adults.

Stem cell research

These stem cells could be used in the treatment of various ailments and diseases such as bone marrow transplantation, liver cirrhosis, heart failure, chronic limb ischemia, stroke, wound healing,  Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, missing teeth, blindness, deafness,                                                                                                                                                              myocardial infraction, spinal cord injury, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, multiple cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, learning defects, traumatic brain injury, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy,  and others.

Examples of the sources of adult stem cells

Some examples of cells and tissues where you can find adult stem cells in the body are

  1. The bone marrows: the femur is the major part of the bone in the body where stem cells could be found in a large quantity and you can harness them by an extraction process called harvesting.
  2. Adipose tissues: you can collect the stem cells from these tissues through liposuction process.
  3. Blood: stem cells could be taken from blood whereby the donor submits his blood and equipment is used to extract the stem cells. The remaining blood is transfused back to the donor.
  4. Umbilical cord: this is the most risk free method of collecting stem cells which is from umbilical cords after the birth of a child.

These stem cells reduce and deplete with the age of human beings. The older you grow the lower the rate at which these cells differentiate and reproduce within you.

However, you can use adult canine stem cells as a tooth regeneration therapy in the cases of missing or broken teeth. Here, these stem cells are harvested from another tooth, processed and repackaged into a polymer scaffold according to the shape of the missing or broken teeth. Then, it is placed directly in the dental lamina. It can also be placed in the shape of a new tooth in an absorbable biopolymer which will dissolve eventually. A new tooth can be grown separately and inserted into the patient’s mouth or you can grow the stem cells in the person’s mouth within a few months.

Examples of polymer scaffolds used to grow teeth.

Details from singularityhub.com and Wikipedia.org

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