At least 10 things you need to know about Cape Coral

Cape Coral is located in Florida’s striking Gulf Coast which is also known as the Gulf of Mexico in the United States of America.

There are about ten things you need to know about Cape Coral like the snowbird central in the winter, a place where boating life is the good life, a home to the cutest burrowing birds all year round, a waterfront wonderland, sun splash family waterpark, the gorgeous mangroves, the Gulf beach, the Southwest Florida Military museum and library, the Rotary park, and the Cape harbor.

  • The snowbird central in the winter

‘Snowbird’ is a term used to refer to Northerners who escaped to Florida because of the extremely cold winter weather. They are just like birds migrating to other geographical locations in search of food and shelter.


  • A place where the boating life is the good life

In Cape Coral, you are going to enjoy the boating life through the waterways. It is easy to travel with a boat and cruise the canals or move to the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Cape Coral is a home to the Cutest Burrowing Birds All Year Round

There are about one thousand burrowing owls in Cape Coral, Florida. You will also find one of the smallest species of the owl that is about 11.5 inches tall. For more than a decade, the friends of wildlife in Cape Coral usually host the Annual Burrowing Owl Festival.


  • A waterfall wonderland

Cape Coral is a city with the most navigable waterways in the world and you are going to find canals estimated to be over 400 miles. It is located in the amazing Gulf Coast of Florida and Caloosahatchee River passes through the city.


  • There is Sun Splash Family Waterpark

This waterpark is a large place with lots of wet recreational activities like water slides, tube rides, flume rides, pools, splash pads, and much more. You can act like a kid if you want because there are fun activities for adults that want to act like kids, and for kids of all ages.


  • The gorgeous mangroves

You will rent a kayak that you can use to tour the gorgeous mangrove. It is the largest accessible natural preservation in the city; you will see ibises, herons, eagles, and other amazing creatures.


  • The Gulf beach

This is a very beautiful and interesting beach waiting for you to come and exploit its captivating serene environment.


  • The Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library

You will see a 34,000 square ft. military museum and library containing classical military books, letters, and other literatures.


  • The Rotary Park

This park organizes plant sales, environmental classes, summer camp, and much more.


  • The Cape Harbor

You will enjoy the greatest experiences like unique shops and restaurants, boat slips and houses in this harbor.


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